Artist talk | Alien Race  at LA Artcore | Los Angeles, CA
Alien Race – Envisioning sites of our our future ancestors | LA Artcore + The Brewery | Los Angeles, CA
Art is in Bloom | LA Artcore | Los Angeles, CA
Artist talk | Art and Design in the Community at Cal State LA | Los Angeles, CA
“In the Matter of Latasha Harlins: A Regrettably Late Apology” in La Cronica Libre | Human Resources | Los Angeles, CA
Peace Together | Gallery Western | Los Angeles, CA
There are seams in purgatory | McDonough Museum of Art | Youngstown, OH

The Korea Project 2021: Agora | Korea Foundation + CultureHub | Los Angeles, CA / South Korea
For BTS Diehards, the K-Pop Group’s Live Return in Los Angeles Was a Religious Experience | Thrillist
What’s wrong with what I said?: Understanding and Eliminating Microaggressions to Foster Safer Spaces for All (workshop) | LGBTQ+ Alliance of Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils, LA Congress of Neighborhoods | Los Angeles, CA
Community Care & Combating Climate Change w/ Homegirls Erin & Jeong of Solidarity + Communion
(interview) | The Plant Plug
Interracial Adoption, Part 1 | The Pomonan | Pomona, CA
How a Doula and an Artist are Calling for Black-Asian Solidarity (interview) | Uprisers | LA/SF/NYC/Tokyo
Celebrating Hanzine (panel discussion) | Artcore | Los Angeles, CA
Hot Pot | Sacred Wounds | Los Angeles, CA 
6 Celebratory Korean Lunar New Year Dishes and Where to Get Them in LA
| Thrillist

Hanzine | Artcore | Los Angeles, CA

Videodrunk Film festival | Toronto, Canada
CH!NK / “We Forget You’re Asian” (interview) | FGUK Magazine | UK
Mistakes | gallery ALSO | Los Angeles, USA

B.A. | Art Theory & Practice/Animate Arts | Northwestern University | Evanston, USA